Pantry Remodel:

Ladies, who doesn’t love a large pantry?! When we bought our house it had a pretty decent size pantry but I knew from the minute we looked at the house that I was going to have to change the pantry up! The metal shelves drove me crazy and the bifold door was so plain.

Of course, I found myself on Pinterest eye balling all the beautifully decorated yet super efficient pantries!

Once again, the Chip to my Joanna AKA Leonard, made my dream come to life.

The Pantry Doors:

I’m going to cut to the chase here and show you the before and after because who doesn’t love a before and after! Here’s the story….

When we bought the house: It had these bifold doors. I always dreamed of having french glass pantry doors.

The entire width of the door is 36″ so in order to do french doors, they had to be 18″ each which isn’t an average door size. We priced the doors for $900!! Nine HUNDRED dollars for pantry doors? No way, Jose!

So I was searching on facebook market place and found these plain french doors that measured 24″ each. We would have to cut 6″ off each side. I ran it by Leonard to see if he thought it was possible and we went for it! The doors were $90 each which totally beats the $900 we were priced at.

I measured everything like 100 times to make sure it was perfect because once it’s cut, that’s it! We took our time and talked everything through.

When installing the doors onto the wall we had to consider how they open as well as measuring so they would fit perfectly. It was freakin’ stressful but we got them up and they turned out PERFECT!

We taped all the windows which was the worst part of the entire job! It took forever! We painted them the same color as the front door, a beautiful pistachio green.

We added a cute pantry sign above and Ta-daaa! The outside was finished!

Inside the Pantry:

So for starters, I stained the plain pine wood shelves and crates with a vintage stainer called Better with Age by Amy Howard. I’ll tag the link to find it HERE. It helped give it a rustic vintage look.

I got the crates at Ikea for like $10! They were super easy to put together…unlike other ikea items! I was obsessed with the stackable crates for my potatoes and onions and I found them after some deep searching at Home Depot for a good price!

I had bought a handful of the chalkboard jars for our wedding for our S’more Bar but we never got to use them since it was so cold that night! Thankfully, Old Time Pottery had the same jars so I stocked up on a few more to complete my vision.

Leonard LOVES cereal! I never met someone who loved cereal so much so I was super excited when I found the cereal dispenser on Amazon! I think it adds a nice layer to the pantry. Plus, if it was up to him, he’s have a hundred boxes of cereal!

We don’t go through bread very quickly with just the two of us so I thought a bread box would be a perfect addition to the pantry! Wayfair had so many and I originally got a white one but decided this black one was more suited for the space!

We had originally bought this basket to use on the porch for fall decorations since we couldn’t find hay barrels anywhere. The season is ending and so I decided a better home for it would be in our pantry to put snacks in because… well, we do a lot of snackin’! It has wheels too so it’s super easy to pull out and grab what you need and roll it back in.

You know when you go to Home Goods on a mission and aren’t sure if they’ll even have what you’re looking for and it’s like the Home Goods gods know and place it right in front of your eyes? No? Oh…just me. Well, thats what happened when I set out to find a little stool so I can reach the top shelf! Boom! There it was! The perfect stool that was wood and black and matched perfectly! Thank you Home Goods gods!

I found a chalkboard that we used for our wedding in the garage that the writing had stained on so I painted it black again and added a fresh coat of chalkboard paint so it could be reused to write down things that we needed when we ran out. I also added this fun arrow hook for my apron.

There is this store in Plant City, FL called Southern Hospitality and it’s basically this giant store full of farmhouse decorations! I found the cute garden tool box and used it for all the sauces and I also found the “Groceries and Dry Goods” sign there, too! Unfortunately, I can’t tag them here for you.

For final touches, I found little chalk board signs to hang on my crates to label what was in them. Also, some of my jars came with the black and white ribbon, I loved it, so I found the same ribbon and added it to a few more jars!

I also found this Magnolia Home basket form TJMaxx for $10 which felt like a steal and I loved it so much I couldn’t not get it! I didn’t have a purpose for it so right now it’s currently holding bagels lol we’ll see what happens!

Welp, that completes the pantry remodel! Hopefully it gave you some good ideas or maybe you’re just here for the pictures 🙂

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, keanna

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