Food Timing & Night Shift

One thing that really sucks about being a night shifter is that I eat breakfast at 5pm, lunch at 2am and dinner usually right before bed at 8am (that just sounds messed up typing it). Well, I started noticing I was gaining weight and was always looking really bloated. I was still working out and not … Continue reading Food Timing & Night Shift

My 5 fitness goals for 2019:

1. Keep myself mentally motivated! If you read my last post, I talked a little bit about staying mentally motivated. It’s common to have times when you are more motivated and driven then others. We all have missed the gym one night to lay in our sweatpants and fuzzy socks and eat pizza. It’s important … Continue reading My 5 fitness goals for 2019:

Summer Bod Probs

It’s summer and for some of you that means wearing sexy skimpy bikinis, having beachy waves, perfectly tan skin and rocking crop tops. For the rest of us, that means smashing tacos and margaritas during the day and wearing “loose and flowy” dresses at night. Whichever you are, do you! This blog is all about … Continue reading Summer Bod Probs