I Hated College

College wasn’t what I had imagined.  It consisted of a spiraling loss of friendships who were dear to me. My family crumbling into pieces. News that broke me for a long time. And depression. Yes, depression. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m always a really happy person but for once in my life, I … Continue reading I Hated College

Calling All Planner Nerds:

Okay, be honest, who else is a total planner nerd? The rush you get as you pick out a new planner…the smell of the fresh empty pages…motivational quotes in between each month… colors bursting from the pages… And omg, are those stickers in the back? There’s something really freakin cool about a planner. There are … Continue reading Calling All Planner Nerds:

“Why Florida?”

This week is probably not the best week to rub it in everyone’s face, as our hometown is struck with an artic ambush, about why we picked Florida but it just so happened that this blog was next up. We come from a small-ish town in Indiana. I lived there my whole life, 22 years … Continue reading “Why Florida?”

Summer Bod Probs

It’s summer and for some of you that means wearing sexy skimpy bikinis, having beachy waves, perfectly tan skin and rocking crop tops. For the rest of us, that means smashing tacos and margaritas during the day and wearing “loose and flowy” dresses at night. Whichever you are, do you! This blog is all about … Continue reading Summer Bod Probs