Home Sweet Home

Pantry Remodel:

Ladies, who doesn’t love a large pantry?! When we bought our house it had a pretty decent size pantry but I knew from the minute we looked at the house that I was going to have to change the pantry up! The metal shelves drove me crazy and the bifold door was so plain. Of … Continue reading Pantry Remodel:

New Floors, Who Dis?

When we bought the house there was one thing that we knew we wanted to change almost immediately. We wanted to ditch the white tile and get hardwood floors. I don’t know if its because we work at the hospital but for some reason white tile floors just don’t seem very homey to us. We … Continue reading New Floors, Who Dis?


SO SORRY for my long absence! Between starting the job in the Emergency Department and closing on our first house, it’s been one crazy month to say the least! But I’m back and I have lots of great things to share! I’m so excited that I’m not even quiet sure where to start! I can’t … Continue reading I’m BACK!