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One thing that really sucks about being a night shifter is that I eat breakfast at 5pm, lunch at 2am and dinner usually right before bed at 8am (that just sounds messed up typing it). Well, I started noticing I was gaining weight and was always looking really bloated. I was still working out and not eating horrible so I was getting really frustrated.

There are actually studies that people who work night shift are actually at a higher risk for health problems. We have this thing called our Circadian rhythm which is a 24-hour internal clock controlled by our brain. It helps us regulate our sleep time, our awake time, our digestion, our growth and a ton of other important jobs. But if you’re a night shifter, your little circadian clock is all messed up. Even though you’re awake, your digestive track,specifically, is snoozing! So while we sit there over indulging on bad food all night, our poor digestive track wakes up to a bunch of shit (literally, lol).

So after doing some research, I started working on what I eat and when I eat it and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference not only for me but for Leonard, too!


When we wake up at 5pm, we usually eat “lunch.” This usually consists of about 4oz of protein and a carb of some sort. This week I had grilled shrimp and a 1/2 cup of jasmine rice.


At work, I use to eat my “dinner” around 3 or 4am but now I try to move it up to 1 or 2am so that way I still have 6 more hours of work to walk and burn it off. My lunch usually consists of 4-5 oz of protein, veggies, and a cup of carbs. This week I made Burrito Bowls which consists of 4oz of lean ground beef or turkey, 1/2 cup of rice, a serving of black beans, corn, and shredded cheese, and top it off with some avocado and hot sauce.

I try to bring healthy snacks that I enjoy eating so when I see people ordering take out at work or getting delicious bad food in the cafeteria, I don’t feel so intrigued to do it too because I like what I brought. Also, bringing your lunch saves you SOOOOO much money! For the price of all my Caesar salad ingredients for the next 5 days, that’s how much one Caesar salad costs at work! Or you can make 8 burrito bowls for the price of one at chipotle.

I try to bring things that are quick to eat because most of the time I’m scarfing down a banana in the nurse’s station whenever I have an extra minute. Fresh fruit, veggies, Greek yogurt, hummus and naan bread or carrots, peanut butter crackers are all great options.

My best tip of them all is sugar free jell-o pudding! It has 11g carbs, 1.5g of fat and it honestly tastes amazing!! Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth!

So now instead of coming home and eating a carb filled “breakfast” before I go to sleep, I fill up on a bunch of protein and good fats. Does it kill me inside not to sink my teeth into some delicious chocolate chip pancakes or brown sugar oatmeal? Yes. But carbs are an energy source and if you don’t use it then it stores as fat. So while I’m sleeping and not burning as many calories, my body is just storing fat. So I made a list of some ideas that are protein and fat filled for my fellow night-shifters…


-Omelets- bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, provolone cheese, egg whites, avocado

-Eggs, Canadian bacon, avocado, minced garlic, and sprinkle with parmesan cheese

-Steak and eggs

-Egg whites, avocado, and everything but the bagel seasoning

-Eggs whites, kale, minced garlic and shredded parmesan cheese

-The basics- Bacon and eggs

And this doesn’t just apply to those on nightshift. For those of you who are on a normal person schedule, making sure you’re not over indulging before bed can help decrease weight gain and bloating. Leonard and I use to do this thing where we would eat cookies and milk or make s’mores every night before bed. We literally use to roast a marshmallow with a lighter in our bed and make s’mores! I kid you not, I was gaining some serious weight! We had to knock that shit off real quick!

Here’s a list for you..

Late Night Snacks:

-Cottage cheese

-Hummus and carrots

-Greek Yogurt (If you have a sweet tooth, add a few chocolate chips to it)


-Tortilla chips (in moderation) and salsa or guacamole




-Whey protein shake

-Jell-O sugar free pudding

Sometimes it’s not that you have to be on a kale and water diet, it’s just rearranging what you eat and when you eat it!

Hope this helps!





It’s summer and for some of you that means wearing sexy skimpy bikinis, having beachy waves, perfectly tan skin and rocking crop tops. For the rest of us, that means smashing tacos and margaritas during the day and wearing “loose and flowy” dresses at night. Whichever you are, do you! This blog is all about our bodies, how we are our own worst enemies and how we need to knock that shit off.

The other day I was talking to a friend at work and she said she had lost about 70lbs but had more she wanted to lose. She told me that she keeps telling herself “if you lose 25 more pounds, you’ll be happy” and then she’ll lose it and tell herself “if you lose 15 more pounds you’ll be happy” and then she’ll lose it and then again “if you loose 5 more pounds you’ll be happy” and she never finds herself that happy. 

So we were talking and I was telling her about how I want to lose some weight and she gives me a look and says “shut up, you don’t have any weight to lose.” 

I explained to her that I’m not a someone that says, “oh my god, I’m so fat” for attention, but I do have my own insecurities and my own goals.

Women especially, we struggle with this every single day. Weight. Bloating. The scale. Stretch marks. Imperfections. Love handles. Thick thighs. Thigh gaps. Cellulite. Scars. Pimples.  Burns. The list goes on. 

And we think others aren’t struggling and we wonder how they have so much confidence and why we don’t but we all are internally struggling with our own imperfections. 

“Another woman’s beauty does not mean the absence of our own.”

I want to preach that we are all perfect as we are and even though, I truly believe that God made us all beautiful, we are all human and I would be lying if I didn’t say I sit in my closet and hate how I look in my clothes or how I hate leaving the house without at least a little mascara.

I’m human. I have flaws. I have insecurities. I dissect my body. I criticize myself. But most importantly, I still love myself.


Wear those crop tops!

Buy those shorts!

Try that new hairstyle!

When you get to the beach, rip that cover up off and strut to the water (yesssss bitch, strut!)

Rock those stretch marks! You either made a friggin’ baby with that body or you grew from an infant to a grown ass woman in that same exact skin you’re in.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by stretch marks?Image result for raise your hand if you've been personally victimized

Find the swimsuit that makes you feel unstoppable.

Apply that sunscreen. C’mon now, ya’ll know better. Take care of your skin!




Drink your 8 cups of water (and no, wine does not count.)

Eat yummy food that is nurturing for your body but also good for your soul (For instance… tacos). Seriously though, if you hate chicken, rice and broccoli then don’t make yourself miserable by only eating that because the likelihood that you’ll cheat or over indulge goes way up. Spend a day searching for new recipes that are good for you and that you will actually enjoy! For some weird reason, I love going to the grocery store and finding new exciting things to try that are good for me.

Take a look at the dessert menu! Life is short, get the brownie-cookie-ice cream-sundae for goodness sake!

Put the scale under the freakin cabinet and don’t take it out. Some days you will weigh more because of water weight. Some days you’ll be on you’re period and weigh more. And some days you will have went a little hard at the family cookout. Big whoop! Stop worrying about the number and focus on how you feel! Do you have good energy? Are you enjoying your food? Do you have a good relationship with food?


Get some quality sleep.

Workout– “not because you hate your body but because you love it.” Find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy (this is a very important!) and do it! Get your body moving! Use that good energy! I promise, no one every left the gym mad that they had a good workout.



Take a bath or a long hot shower. Light a candle. Put some masque in your hair. A mask on your face. Shave your legs.  Paint your nails. Read a self-help book . Listen to a podcast (I recommend- Get Fit Babe or Rise Podcast). Pray. Journal. Jam to T-swift or Cardi-B. Have a glass of wine.

Just take some time for you and only you.

I can promise that you’ll feel like a new woman… a pruney woman, but definitely a rejuvenated one.

And if that doesn’t work, please talk to someone. Ladies, investing in your mental health is, without a doubt, the most important thing you can do for yourself. I really cannot stress that enough. A quiet spa night at home might not be enough to take the troubles away, but that does not mean you’re out of luck.

It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay for you to not do anything about it. You have to fight for yourself because there are no guarantees someone else will.


Take a deep breath. Realize it’s okay to have insecurities, but summer will come and go, and you have to love yourself all year long.

Love your mind and love your body. Respect them. Cherish them. Help them. Be thankful for them.

I am on the same exact journey you are on so don’t think for a second that you’re alone. I have my good days where I feel my very best and I have my bad when I just want to lay in a puddle of disgust on the couch. But life is all about growing and being better than we were the day before.

Let’s breathe confidence into each other. Let’s build each other up. Lets all rock it this summer!

I’m going to wrap up with two quotes:

(I made these so you can screenshot them and set them as your screensaver as a reminder of how beautiful and unstoppable you are.)

I also just want to take a minute and thank each and every one of you who take the time to read my blogs. Your positive feedback is so appreciated and the reason why I keep writing these. I started this blog for me, as a creative outlet and because it feels like a journal that I get to share with the world. If my blogs even help one other person then it is more than worth it to me. So thank you!

Okay my gorgeous ladies (&gents, if you’re here), until next time.



Set yourself up for success:

Got a busy work or school week ahead?

Our crazy asses signed up to work five 12 hour shifts in a row last week, this is what we did to set ourselves up for a smooth and successful week:


Part of having a successful week is planning what all you might need. We decided on making a big pot of Leonard’s delicious chili in the crockpot, a big pan of chicken fried rice and stocked up on some healthy snacks. (I’ll post the recipes too, they’re amazing!) We also knew we were going to need fabric softener, milk and toothpaste. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than having to step foot into the chaos of Walmart before work because you ran out of toothpaste. Anticipate what you might need and get it all.


On Sunday we went grocery shopping and stocked up on things we would need this week. If you make a list, it helps you stay away from buying things you don’t need (like cookies or Cajun crab). Plus it helps you get out of the store pretty quickly. And it helps you not forget something!

Here’s a nifty trick for those of you with an iPhone (you may know about it already) but go to your Notes, click the person with the plus sign on the top right corner, add the person who you will be shopping with or shopping for (in my case, Lenn) and then you can both add to the same list throughout the week! And you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting your list because it’s on your phone!


I’m a huge believer in meal prepping. If you’re like me, you wake up with just enough time to look presentable, fluff your scrubs in the dryer, let the dogs out and throw your food in your lunchbox.

Taking some time the day before your busy week starts to plan what meals you will have, prepare it and put it in Tupperware will save you not only time but money too. Its super easy to grab a jimmy johns one day and Chick-fil-A the next. You’ll end up spending $20 on food for one meal when we made chili to last 5 days for less!

Planning your meals helps you stay away from eating things you shouldn’t. Instead of snacking on Hot Cheetos and cookies, you could make egg salad and eat it with crackers! Planning and preparing help you make little tweaks to your diet that will have a huge impact on how you look and how you feel.

Here’s the snacks I packed in my lunch this week:

Protein packed yogurt with protein granola:

Yogurt: 21g of protein, 11g carbs, 8g of fat

Granola: 10g of protein, 32g of carbs, 4.5g of fat. (Thats a full serving, I usually do a 1/2 serving so it’s not as many carbs)

 Skip the chips and satisfy your crunch with some cut up cucumbers!

Let be honest, we’re all human here, we all love to dip in some ranch, just get the fat free kind…it’s about balance.  

 Egg salad with crackers! Good fat! Good protein! and it’s yummy!

 Mangos (Or any fruit)! Skip the sugary candy and get your daily serving of fruit.

I use to buy fruit, be too lazy to cut it up and it would go bad. If you cut it up and store it in tupperware then it’s easy to grab and go!


After Lenn tossed all his stuff in the crockpot (the joy of a crockpot) he started tidying up the house while I worked on the rest of the cooking. There really is no better feeling then coming home to a clean house. It’s one less thing to stress you out or clutter you’re mind.


After working 12 hours straight, do you think I really want to go work out? Not necessarily but it needs to get done. Planning when you will get there, what workouts you will do, and giving yourself a time frame will allow you to stay on track to get your workout in but also get home to get some sleep. Sometimes you have suck it up, quit making excuses and make it happen. That’s not to be harsh, just to be truthful. Some of my coworkers will ask how I have motivation after work to go and the truth is, sometimes I don’t, I just suck it up and do it.


The look my dogs give me when they know I’m getting ready to leave literally pierces a hole in my heart. One thing we like to do is make sure we wake up 30 minutes earlier to take them to the dog park and play with them until they’re begging us to go home and lay down. Life is busy but don’t forget about your fur babies.

Can’t cause too much trouble if you’re too tired from playing!

I don’t have kids so I can’t pretend like I know anything when it comes to that department but I feel like the same thing kind of applies. Life is extremely busy and I can only imagine what it’s like for those of you who are parents but I guess what I’m trying to say is, even in the chaos of life and cooking and laundry and working, don’t forget to spend time with your babies even if it’s as simple as throwing the football for 10 minutes, reading a book or playing princess tea party while dinner cooks. I always treasured when my parents took the time to PLAY with me and my brother not just take care of us.


The most horrible feeling is getting out of your bed with only a few hours of sleep and knowing you’re not going to be back in that bed for 15 hours, 37 minutes and 14 seconds (does anyone else do the math?) Do your body a favor and get the right amount of rest! By doing all the things I mentioned previously (meal prepping, grocery shopping, cleaning and scheduling workouts) you optimize your time so you can get more sleep!


Lay out everything you will need for the next day! Make it easy to just grab and go! It’d be a real bummer to have forgotten your sports bra at home or wait til the last second to realize your scrubs are dirty!

& lastly, KICK ASS:

Stay focused. Take a deep breath. And kick some major ass this week! You got it! Don’t make excuses, make it happen!

xoxo, Keanna

My 5 fitness goals for 2019:

1. Keep myself mentally motivated!

If you read my last post, I talked a little bit about staying mentally motivated. It’s common to have times when you are more motivated and driven then others. We all have missed the gym one night to lay in our sweatpants and fuzzy socks and eat pizza. It’s important to allow yourself breaks but also to keep your goals in mind and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. A couple months ago, I lost my spark for the gym. It became a chore for me and if Leonard didn’t go then I didn’t go. I went but I wasn’t enjoying it like I use to. I took some time to get my mind right. I wrote down some new goals for myself, made a gym playlist, and told Leonard my goals so he could help me stay accountable for them. Lately, I’ve been feeling excited to go and make sure I work my ass off while I’m there!

2. Get stronger!

When your workout partner is strong as hell, you have no choice but to work hard to keep up. Leonard definitely doesn’t let me slack and I can’t thank him enough for it (even if I get grumpy sometimes)! My goal is to set some new PRs in the next year! Our goal should always be to be better than we were a year ago.

3. Stretch more!

I’ll admit it, I can barely touch my damn toes! Lol so my goal for this year is to take at least 10 minutes before my workout and just stretch, jam out to my music and mentally focus on how my workout is going to go.

4. Drink more water!

Every year I make this my goal… I always start out super strong and then by the middle of the year I’m back in my old habits. I’m going to be honest in this blog, I’m not perfect! I can offer tips that help me but even I have learning to do!

5. Build the booty

Let’s be honest girls, we’re all trying to get that badonk a little bigger! The best thing is, it’s totally do-able!! I started out stick thin! (I may post an old picture so you can see…keep scrolling!) Also, stay tuned.. I may be offering a booty building program in the future!

What are your guy’s fitness/health goals for 2019?

Send me a message and let me know! I’d love to hear what they are, how you’re going to accomplish them and if I can offer any insights on ways to help you!