2020 in a Nutshell

While everyone shares all the amazing things they did throughout the year on their stories and posts, it’s important to remember that it’s okay if your year didn’t exactly go as planned.

It’s okay if you don’t have much to share.

You made it and that’s what matters.

This year you may have fought the frontlines of a pandemic or you may have lost your job all together. You may have witnessed new life being born; and you may have lost someone very dear to you. This year you may have struggled mentally with all this alone time or maybe you flourished with having the extra time to figure yourself out.

This year brought a lot of obstacles. We’ve been waiting for 2020 to be over since March, have we not?

This year should just remind us that even though life doesn’t go exactly as planned, that we shouldn’t wish it away because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

While this year divided many, it also brought so many more together. From the Black Lives Matter movement to everyone agreeing that Carol Baskin killed her husband. We broke barriers, we united hands.

We shared toilet paper with our neighbors and we voted our asses off.

We wore masks even though they fogged our glasses and were difficult to breathe in at times.

We TikTok’d our way through quarantine.

We made up random home workouts.

We were all reminded of a very bad tequila night when we dowsed our hands with that homemade hand sanitizer.

We had tears of sorrow when we lost Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman and tears of happiness when Taylor swift dropped another album.

We practiced social isolation …and kinda liked it 🙂

We went on a lot of walks…and I mean a lot of walks.

And sometimes we may have started day drinking a little early.

We learned new skills like how to cut our family members hair.

We got a stimulus check and we got told we were going to get another.

We may have panicked a little and bought a lot of unnecessary food.

And can we all admit, the glue that held us together… please raise your glass to Mr. Amazon Prime, himself!

We also fought through some hard things. Covid. Police brutality. Racism. Riots. Fires. Death. Cancelled weddings and graduations. Fear. Loss. Loneliness. Uncertainty.

But you know what, we just kept on going. We lifted each other up. We stuck up for what we believed in. We held our ground. We kept things moving even when the world felt like it stopped (which in a way, it kind of did.)

You made history. I’m proud of you. Really I am.

I hope you tried something new. I hope you enjoyed a sunset or two and took the time to listened to the rain. I hope you held the ones you love a little tighter and you learned something new about yourself. I hope you went on a new adventure or learned a new recipe. I hope you got lost in some form of art whether that be a book, or a song, or an empty notebook.

What I’m trying to say is that I hope you found the joy in the little things and in the people around you because at the end of the day, that is all we have.

You’re not the same person that you were at the beginning of the year. And you shouldn’t be. There’s no doubt that you’re stronger, you’re wiser, and you should be more motivated than ever to take all this ammunition and come into 2021 ready to set fire.

I pray this is our best year yet!

Cheers to a new year,


p.s) if you’re interested in last years blog about goal setting for 2020 that can still be useful as we start this next year 🙂 I’ll tag it right HERE!

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