Life Update!

I’ve gotten so many messages so I’ve decided to make a life update blog to share all the exciting news!

We are taking a break from house projects and our life in Tampa to embark on a new journey!

In just 5 days we will be loading up our cars, saying “see ya later” to our cozy little home and heading to Tucson, Arizona for 13 weeks!

For those of you who don’t know:

There is this wonderful thing called travel nursing where you get paid to travel to other states where there is a shortage of nurses. They pay for your housing, meals, and give incentives for traveling there and back. The assignments are usually 13 weeks long and you get a say in what states you go to.

The past couple weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions!

Excitement- as we literally get paid to travel, work, and explore new cities and states!

Sadness- as we say goodbye to our cozy little home, put my two week notice in at my dream job and say goodbye to some pretty great people!

Stress- as we figure out how to live more minimally, tying up loose ends, and getting our house ready to be on air bnb.

Nerves- as we search for the perfect air bnb to call home for the next 3 months, starting new jobs, and driving 28 hours to get there!

When we tell people our plan we usually get these two questions:

“What about your dogs?” And “What about your house?”

So to answer those questions for those wondering:

“What about your dogs?”

They’re coming with! No doubt there are going to be some obstacles with traveling with 3 big ass dogs but this is something we knew when we made the decision to have that many dogs to begin with.

They’re our children. They’re important to us, so we will figure it out. Even if that means having to jump through a few more hoops.

“What about your house?”

Well, unfortunately we can’t pick it up and bring it with us so it will have to stay here. While, of course, we are super sad to leave it, it will be here when we get back.

We have decided to put it on air b&b so if ya’ll know any (responsible!) people looking for a place to stay, send them our way!

I’ll drop our air bnb listing here:

Where we will be staying:

We talked about how we wanted to really soak up the culture and experience of each assignment we take so for this assignment, we are renting a gorgeous ranch that is a 2 minute walk (yes, a 2 minute walk) from a national park and has a fenced in yard for the dogs!

Where we will be working:

We got so lucky to both gets jobs at the same hospital and same shift! I’ll be working in the Emergency Department and Lenn will be working on the Stepdown Unit!

The Ted talk:

Opportunities don’t come like this everyday and while we don’t have children, we want to really take advantage of this time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a structured life. I love knowing how to get around town and where the stores are. I love having a flow at the gym. I love that we finally found a church we love. I love knowing where all the best restaurants are! I love my work crew. But growth happens when we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable, to step out of the limits we set or others set for us, to try new things.

We know that if we don’t do this now, we will regret it for the rest of our lives.

I can’t stress this enough to everyone. If you want to do something, start speaking it into existence. Start planning and preparing!

We have been talking about travel nursing since we both realized we were going to become nurses! We knew we needed at least one year in our specialty. We knew we needed more certifications to make us better assets. So while we were in the waiting process, we were really working on the main goal this whole time.

Maybe your goal isn’t to pick up and move every 13 weeks, maybe it’s to lose that weight you keep talking about or to go back to school or to start building your savings account.

Start talking about it. Start planning it. Start working towards it. And it will happen. I promise you.

As cliche as it sounds, life is short. If you don’t do the things that bring you joy and light your soul on fire, life will pass you right on by. You’ll wake up one day and you’ll remember all the chances you should have taken, all the goals you didn’t allow yourself to fulfill, and all the dreams that could have become your reality. Don’t let that be you.

I encourage all of you to be brave and break the limits of what you know or what comforts you. Don’t let other people’s fear be what stops you from living your life and experiencing new things. Quit thinking about what you’re giving up and start thinking about what you can gain.

And now, for anyone who has been to Tucson, Arizona or has any must-visit places in Arizona, send your recommendations this way! They will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!



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