New Floors, Who Dis?

When we bought the house there was one thing that we knew we wanted to change almost immediately. We wanted to ditch the white tile and get hardwood floors. I don’t know if its because we work at the hospital but for some reason white tile floors just don’t seem very homey to us. We originally were going to pay to have it done but realized we’d save $5,000 if we did it ourselves so that was a no-brainer! We watched a ton of youtube videos to learn and then got busy! My mom and step-dad actually came over and helped us crank the project out. Lets skip to the fun part: pictures!

This is what it looked like from the previous owners:

Here’s when we moved our stuff in:

Mid-project snaps:

And then after the floors:

It really transformed the entire house and made it so cozy! We bought the SmartCore Ultra from Lowes in the Savannah Oak color! It’s a vinyl flooring that is 100% waterproof, dog-proof (must-have with 3 German Shepherds!) and child-proof! The best part is that it can be installed over tile! If you’ve ever taken tile up, you know what a horrible job that is and with our whole house being tile pretty much it made the job that much easier!

I’m almost done with my ER transition program so I should be having a lot more time to make more blogs coming soon! Thanks for being patient! 🙂



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