& our dogs,

Meet Floyd, Izzy and Gunner!


It all started out with good ‘ol Floyd– We got Floyd when we first started dating. He’s almost 5 years old but he acts like a grumpy old man. He LOVES toys, playing catch, looking out the window and he can’t resist a good look through the trash. 

Then came Izzy– We got her when I moved back from school. It was love at first sight when Floyd met Izzy. 

She will be 4 this year! She LOVES bones, knows how to open every door in the house, can break out of her kennel and can eat a whole loaf of bread in one sitting.

Then along came the Flizzies– Twenty to be exact! Charlie, Hoops, Scarlet, Bella, Kobe, Rex, Memphis, Ryder, Jax, Remi, Silas, Ace, Hudson, Bain, Odin, Jackie, Maylee, Nala, Nommel, and Gunner. 

But little Gunner stole our heart. So we added him to the pack 🙂


Now it’s the five of us, dysfunction and all, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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